The important hygiene protection measures.

  • Currently, nobody with symptoms of respiratory infection, increased temperature or other indications of possible infection should enter our hotel.
  • We ask that you remove the manda tory face masks only in your room and at your reserved restaurant table.
  • Unfortunately, the extensive disinfection of contact surfaces, the use of protective dividers and disposable items, as well as the inability to provide food / drink menus, books and m agazines are currently mandatory for our hotel.
  • The shared use of a table or the lifts is only permitted for those individuals who are exempt from the prohibited contact in public spaces in accordance with Section 1 (3) of the CoronaSchVO NRW. CoronaSchVO NRW. These are pe ople from one family or a maximum of two households.
  • The staff may only serve you in the permitted manner. We particularly ask for your understanding in this regard.
  • Please keep the minimum distance of 1.5 m to other guests and our staff.


What you, dear guests, should know in detail:

  • The comprehensive deep cleaning and disinfection already corresponded to our standards before Corona
  • More frequent disinfection of all contact surfaces; Central areas in the hotel are disinfected several times per day
  • For re asons of hygiene, the hotel rooms are deep cleaned every 4 days
  • Our employees and guests keep a minimum distance of 1.5 m.
  • People with symptoms of a respiratory infection are not allowed to enter the hotel.
  • All employees have been instructed about general hygiene measures, in particular about correct hand washing including skin care, hand disinfection and sneezing and coughing etiquette. The relevant facilities (wash basins, skin friendly cleaning agents, disposable towels, skin care products, disinfectants ) are available in sufficient numbers and of high quality.
  • Please note the information on the maximum number of people in public areas.
  • Please use the option to pay contactless with an EC or credit card whenever possible.
  • In public areas, we regularly disinfect handrails, door handles, work surfaces, elevators, changing rooms, toilets, etc.
  • There is a limit on the number of people permitted in specific spaces in the hotel
  • Perplex panes were installed on all reception and sales counters
  • The pos sibility of hand disinfection is guaranteed in all public areas
  • Your booked room was deep cleaned and disinfected according to strict regulations and approved by our housekeeper
  • All employees in contact with guests wear protective masks, except behind the corresponding protective screens
  • In areas where the required minimum distance cannot be maintained, we also recommend that you wear mouth and nose protection.
  • The measures for handling food have been expanded and all employees have been trained in the addi tional hygiene and disinfection practices